An Introduction of Guangdong Konson Metal Products Co.,Ltd

  • Date:2020/06/12

Guangdong konson metal products co.,ltd specialized in the development and manufacture of various kinds of industrial packaging cans, food packaging cans, plastic packaging barrels and so on. The company has more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, has advanced technology and high-quality team, has always been the industry's quality leader. Our company owns 200000 square meters of standard factory buildings and modern facilities, equipped with 20 production lines, 6 advanced automatic production lines, 4 automatic stamping lines, and 4 tinplate printing lines, with production capacity and quality satisfying customers' request.

 We get ISO9001-2008 international quality certification and CQC certification, and has a (UN) international export certificate of dangerous goods packaging, food packaging cans products meet the standards of the Swiss SGS and the US FDA, was declared by the Guangdong Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Secondary enterprise.

Our key product series include: 

<1>Chemical packing series: 1kg-20kg round tin, square tin, bucket, and printing ink bucket 

<2>Food packing series: milk powder bottle, baking powder bottle, tomato ketchup can, coffee can, meat can, candy (biscuit) can, wine packaging tin, tea tin, and food oil tin 

<3>Craftwork series: craftwork tin, cigarette case, piggy bank, CD tin case, dustbin, mini-bucket, square tool case, Christmas tree can, cigarette case, and gift case.

About the 127th online Canton fair, although we cannot attend it as before, we still express our desire of entering into direct relations with you. We are a leading company in the metal packaging industry. Our products are exported all over the world Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and so on. We focus on providing a full range of packaging solutions for various coating companies and food companies.

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