How To Find A Good Metal Packaging Tins Wholesale?

  • Date:2020/05/20

Metal packaging tins wholesale are widely used in food packaging, including carbonated beverage cans, functional beverage cans, milk powder cans, tea boxes, candy cans, ready-to-eat cooked meat cans, fruit cans and so on. The advantages of the metal packaging tins wholesale are obvious, its airtightness is very good, the preservation period of food is long, and it can resist high internal pressure. In general, metal packaging tins wholesale is coated with organic epoxy resin coating, with good corrosion resistance, so many well-known enterprises are vigorously promoting its metal packaging tins brand food.

When it comes to formaldehyde, you'll think of paint or new furniture, and you'll probably feel that you won't have a chance to get in touch with it. But that's not true. Do you know the formaldehyde in the food? Formaldehyde as a metabolic product of the body exists in many animals and plants, in reality, we may often contact. In fact, in addition to food, in the coating of metal cans that are common in life, may also contain the risk of formaldehyde. Today, for your own good of health, Guangdong Konson Metal Products Co., Ltd will tell you how to get rid of formaldehyde in the metal packaging tins wholesale.

As you may know, because of the presence of the coating, the organic risk hazardous substances in the coating can easily migrate to food, which has certain potential risks to human health. The most widely used organic coatings include epoxy phenolic resin, epoxy amino coating, epoxy polyamide resin, organic sol coating, vinyl coating, polyester coating, acrylic coating, and epoxy ester coating. Because of its excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, oil and water, epoxy resin is often used as the main raw material for coating in metal packaging tins wholesale. Formaldehyde, as one of the starting reactants of epoxy resin coating, may pollute food in metal packaging tins wholesale mainly from the resin degradation process. Formaldehyde's main damage is the stimulation of the skin and mucous membrane, long-term chronic contact will lead to gene mutation, and improve the risk of human blood cancer, lymphatic cancer and other cancers, has been IARC by the International Agency for Cancer Research as a clear carcinogen for humans.

Here is the method of determination of formaldehyde in the coating of the metal packaging tins wholesale: according to the purple compound of formaldehyde and discoloration acid in sulfuric acid solution, the color depth is proportional to the content of formaldehyde, and the principle of quantitative comparison with the standard is used to determine the free formaldehyde in the inner wall coating of the metal packaging tins wholesale. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to too much worried about the formaldehyde issue of metal packaging tins wholesale only if you choose the right and responsible metal packaging tins wholesale suppliers who will do as best as they can to avoid this kind of problem, such as Guangdong Konson Metal Products Co., Ltd who will always stand from the perspective of the customers.






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