The Prospect of Metal Container

  • Date:2020/05/07

A metal container is a small container made of sheet metal with a sealed and unsealed type. Metal containers with a capacity below 16 L are defined as tanks in the national standard (GB/T 15170-2007). Metal containers can be divided into two categories according to the material: iron and aluminum. The iron metal container is mainly made of cold-rolled sheet, tin-plated sheet, chrome-plated sheet, aluminum-plated sheet, galvanized sheet, etc. The aluminum metal container is mainly made of aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum foil and so on. Guangdong Konson Metal Products Co., Ltd, as one of the professional metal container manufacturers in China, today would like to share with you some information about the prospect of metal containers.

In recent years, the metal packaging industry has developed rapidly, the application field of metal containers is gradually expanding, and the competition between the metal container manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. Cost optimization and product differentiation have been an imminent issue for metal container manufacturers. The reduction of tank materials has injected vitality into the tank making enterprises and metal packaging industry from the point of view of cost and energy. Relying on modern advanced technology, metal container manufacturers can reduce the thickness of the wall of the metal containers while still maintaining the high performance of metal containers. Since the birth of metal containers, all countries in the world have made unremitting efforts in a lightweight, and continue to make progress. In the future, with the continuous improvement of technical levels such as processing technology, equipment and design ability, metal containers packaging will have more and better development space. Surely, Chinese metal container manufacturers with continuous innovation will contribute a lot to the metal containers industry.

In the future, the personalized innovation of metal containers will mainly focus on "vision, touch, smell, hearing", these four aspects will play a key role in the development of metal containers for all the metal container manufacturers. First of all, in the visual aspect, metal container manufacturers should focus on mainly developing each kind of special-shaped tank, or using special ink printing, which can bring the consumer a huge impact effect visually. Second of all, in the touch aspect, metal container manufacturers can produce the relief effect by the metal relief or the printing ink and so on, which lets the consumer produce the different feeling in the tactile sense. Third of all, in the sense of smell, metal container manufacturers can make innovation through the use of special ink, so that the ink can emit a similar fragrance with the content, so that consumers intuitively feel their favorite taste.

The last but not the least, in terms of hearing, it is also through the application of special ink, so that metal containers can make a variety of sounds, communicate with consumers, and make consumers interested. There is still room to improve for the metal container manufacturers in this regard. All in all, there is a bright future in the metal containers industry, if the metal container manufacturers can make innovation in "vision, touch, smell, hearing", they can stand out amongst others in the competition. 






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