The Advantage of Tin Packaging For Food Grade

  • Date:2020/05/13

In the various walks of life, the use of tin packaging for food grade has shown a steady upward trend in recent years. This is because tin packaging for food grade has a variety of positive attributes, one of which is functional and the other is sustainability. Recycling, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are priority areas for all sectors. Given the public's recent interest in certain packaging materials and consumer demand for more responsible packaging solutions, companies are increasingly focusing on the environmentally friendly use of materials. The ability of infinite recycling without loss of any characteristics as part of the recycling economy is becoming increasingly important. Tin packaging, with the feature of light metal mass and is easy to process into various shapes and sizes, especially in the form of tin packaging for food grade which can provide 360-degree billboards, can be integrated into the recycling economy.

The biggest advantage of the tin packaging for food grade is that it can be recycled indefinitely without losing the purity and quality of the product. By contrast, plastic products can only be recycled 2~3 times, and then their quality level will decline to no longer be used for the original purpose. The global recycling infrastructure is very advanced to receive and process empty tanks. Currently, recyclable beverage cans can be efficiently returned to retail shelves in the same form within 60 days. In many countries and areas, the aluminum recovery rate is higher than 70%.

According to data from the Aluminum Association, scrap iron is enough to build 25 empire state buildings per day. By contrast, around 1 million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide per minute, of which only 9 percent are recycled. Another valuable feature of tin packaging for food grade is light and oxidation resistance, which can avoid the negative impact of fading on product quality. In addition, tin packaging for food grade is strong and durable in transportation and throughout the supply chain and can be processed into various shapes and sizes. In addition, tin packaging for food grade provides a variety of decoration options, can provide a 360-degree platform for brand promotion and information transmission, from thermochromic technology to change the color of the tank according to the liquid temperature in the tank to gloss, and even fluorescent finish. 

High-quality coding is also an advantage of tin packaging for food grade. Manufacturers must consider how to deal with tin packaging for food grade marking including metal finishes and curved surfaces. Printing clear codes on metal surfaces is not the same as printing codes on plastic bottles. Therefore, extensive testing must be conducted before installation to ensure the correct packaging labeling solution is selected. For example, the speed of the beverage can production line is incredibly fast, sometimes up to 2,000 cans/min, and the initial evaluation will ensure that the codes are spray printed according to the required standards, throughput levels and correct directions. No matter what the operation requirements are, it is very important to cooperate with professional marking suppliers when marking metal. In this regard, Guangdong Konson Metal Products Co., Ltd carries out a detailed evaluation to ensure extremely high efficiency and high-quality coding for product labeling that meets the complex regulatory requirements of the tin packaging for food grade.






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