For general foods, such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, tin food packaging cans can be used. Tin food packaging cans are empty cans of food, which are degassed, sealed and reheated to achieve the purpose of preservation and sterilization. Therefore, if the sterilization or sealing process is not in place, the food packed in tin food packaging cans is easy to damage. tin food packaging cans are currently the most environmentally friendly and safe food containers. Experts in the metal tin industry believe that canned food does not contain any preservative and is a food package with a shelf life of up to three years. The airtightness and barrier property of the tin food packaging cans also ensure that the food will not produce harmful bacteria pollution under the normal temperature storage condition, so do you know how to choose tin food packaging cans? What should we pay attention to?

First of all, the production date is not the only way to judge the quality of tin food packaging cans, because the quality is also closely related to various environmental factors during storage. However, tin food packaging cans food can generally be stored for one to two years. Practically, pick up the tin food packaging cans and shake them gently. If fruit juice flows out of them, the seal is not tight. If the seal is not tight, it is easy to contact with microorganisms, causing food contamination, so this kind of tin food packaging cans cannot be bought. What’s more, rust in metal boxes can cause perforation of canned food, which is easy to deteriorate after the microorganisms enter. Therefore, it is best not to buy such tin food packaging cans.

When talking about tin food packaging cans, powder food cans are a very important part of it. Taking milk powder food cans for example, from the perspective of a powder food cans supplier, when choosing the cans, you should pay close attention as below. When buying things, we must look at these two pieces of information: the date of production and shelf life. The shelf life of food is not only affected by the nature of the food itself, but also the tightness of the package is very important. Especially for unsealed food, the packaging is the key to the quality assurance effect. Milk powder food cans are mainly made of metal cans, plastic soft packaging bags and environmentally friendly paper. Metal milk powder food cans are the first choice for moisture resistance and pressure resistance, and are also the packaging materials most used at present. What kind of milk powder food cans are the safest to choose when buying milk powder? At present, there are four types of milk powder food cans for main ingredients which can be provided by powder food cans suppliers in the market, namely, two-layer sealed iron cans, three-layer sealed iron cans, the cans which are forming of laminated cardboard fully coated with aluminum film and fresh-locked cans. From the perspective of sealing performance, three-layer sealed milk powder food cans have absolute advantages. Whether it is the can body or the seal, the moisture-proof and pressure-resistant capability is the strongest. The second is the fresh-locked cans and two-layer sealed iron cans. However, in comparison, the design of fresh-locked cans is more humanized.

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